Gateway to an unknown natural paradise

C.T.R. Riomalo. Carretera de Coria, 1. 10624 Riomalo de Abajo. Las Hurdes. Cáceres. España. Tels: 927 434 020 / 03

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Riomalo Rural Tourism Complex. Prices Bungalows. Temporada Alta (Easter - July and August) Prices Bung./Day Stone Bungalow 3/4 pax.: 90 euros Wood Bungalow 5/6 pax.: 100 euros Stone Bungalow 5/6 pax.: 120 euros Apartments Apartment. 6 pax. máx.: 150 euros/night (Chek offers) Hostel Double room: 50 euros/night Single room: 35 euros/night Temporary bed: 20 euros If you would like more information, please contact us through the telephone or the form found on the "Contact" page. Camping Adults: 4 euros/night Child: 3 euros/night Car: 3,7 euros/night Tent: 4 euros/night Caravan: 5 euros/night Motor home: 6 euros/night Light: 3 euros/night If you want more information about the prices, please contact us through our phones or email. Bungalows. Mid Season (Weekends and rest of bank holiday long weekends) Prices Bung./Day Stone bungalow 3/4 pax.: 70 euros Wood bungalow 5/6 pax.: 90 euros Stone bungalow 5/6 pax.: 100 euros