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On Tuesday August 23, 2016, the XI edition of Lost Theory Festival began. The event was held at the Alagón riverbank, near Riomalo de Abajo, village of Las Hurdes (Caminomorisco, Cáceres, Spain), and in lands of the nearby village of Cabaloria (Sotoserrano, Salamanca), now converted into a depopulated by the construction of the reservoir of Gabriel y Galán.

The edition of this traditional event has been gathering every year thousands of people from all over the world and, in Riomalo, the organization talked about a figure of 7,000 attendees in the last days of the festival, from more than 60 countries, maximum permitted number.




The organization of the festival, of Belgian origin, had to be extremely careful, since they knew the need to protect the natural environment and avoid any risks, especially fires. In this regards, the measures taken were rigorous to avoid the slightest problem for people and environment.

So, they prepared sufficient resources to combat any outbreak of fire and also they gave a set of rules to the participants, including the prohibition of fire or smoke, except in places provided for this purpose.

Interestingly, they did not need to remind the audience that they were in a natural area and had to care for it. We note that they were cultured and educated people, with a very unique philosophy of natural life and spiritual balance. And when we asked locals about their impressions, the most common adjective was "amazing", both the festival and those who have gone.

But we must add that the behavior of people was "admirable". We are so accustomed to the festivals in our country that we were very surprised of the respect that the assistants had both the environment and people's own.




Since Tuesday night, when the music started, until Sunday 28, more than 60 known DJs filled the meanders of the Alagón with electronic music. Elaborate and artistic scenarios, as well as an incredible projection lights, turned the cliffs of Alagón in melodic oil paintings, so it seemed the rocky walls, that close the course of the river, under light compositions.

And it was very curious to see around populated by people of diverse cultures, both Asian, as Americans, Australians, Europeans ... people who love electronic music and who were taking advantage of these times to go to different festivals held across the world.




Surprised  by the choice of location, the organization told us that publicity that Castilla y León and Extremadura have been doing these years of the meander, the Melero, made they  noticed in these idyllic landscapes.

And when asked what influence could have Lost Theory Festival in the area, they noted that in addition to the appreciation of the attendees themselves, the images of this area would circle the world, as we also believed when we watched a "BBC drone" taking pictures of the festival and the environment.

The economic impact was remarkable, as populations, both from Cáceres and Salamanca, noticed a large increase in visitors, with all the added benefits. Without knowing the official assessment, we do not have doubt of these benefits.