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C.T.R. Riomalo. Carretera de Coria, 1. 10624 Riomalo de Abajo. Las Hurdes. Cáceres. España. Tels: 927 434 020 / 03

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Eduka Project


For some time,  Riomalo Rural Tourism Center is part of a major initiative called Project Eduka. In order to know more about this, we take the definition of those responsible for this project: “Eduka Project is a non-profit association, and it has the recognition of social entity; under Rey Juan Carlos University, promoter of the project, it tries to professionalize the sector of the Leisure, Free Time, Active Tourism and Adventure”.

It was born seven years ago, with a team from the university and it have been devoted to research and development projects related to education, leisure, free time, adventure and active tourism, all this under the European frame of regulation and education of this type of matters. The agreements and arrangements with different administrations, universities, schools and training centers, have allowed to perform an extensive educational work.

On the other hand, and through the project, the association pursues training and development of rural and urban areas, promoting the enhancement of areas of natural, cultural, social and historical interest, and contributing to the growth of new economic sectors and professional sectors.

The project also has a department dedicated to advice in questions related to youth, active tourism, networks and risk evaluation, in order to orientate the professionals in tourism, and the persons in charge of the safety, about


C.T.R. Riomalo


Before they made one of the summer camps, they dressed part of the complex as an English village.

They themselves commented about: “The English Village of Riomalo de Abajo (Caceres), bordering the Natural Park of Batuecas-Sierra de Francia, and door of one of the most beautiful and unknown zones of our country, Las Hurdes. This idyllic region helps us to learn English in a spontaneous way, with large doses of fun and immersed in an adventurous context".

 The camps have teachers and experts in education with specialized people at risk, to ensure the safety of participants, and specialists monitors multisport disciplines.


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Solidarity Projects Eduka


Another interesting department is called Solidarity Projects Eduka. In addition to one related to the Camino de Santiago, they have another, the BTT Centres of the Sierra de Francia, whose aim is to create four BTT centres in the area of the Sierra and to signpost some tracks for amateurs, in order to promote that particular tourism sector in the region and to show the beauty of its landscapes through the activity.